IMG_2711 The people of Manchester lay flowers to remember those who lost their lives at the manchester terror attack.

A suicide bombing terror attack took place at the manchester arena on the 22/05/17.

22 people sadly lost their lives.

The community came together to pay their respects in leaving flowers, bears and balloons at the Victoria station exit of the arena.

The Victoria station was the nearest exit to where the bombing took place.

Anne Smith, a passerby said ” its so sad to think of the tragedy and the extend of people affected by this senseless attack, but its encouraging to see people coming together to pay their respects”


Singin In The Rain at The Sheffield City Hall

Manor operatic society is an amateur theatre company based in Sheffield.

The society has recently performed Singin in the Rain running from the 10th -13th May at The Sheffield City Hall.

Manor operatic society was originally formed in the 1950s on Sheffield’s Manor estate and they came to perform their first pantomime at the Montgomery Theatre in 1970.

The next available show to see will be Beauty and the beast running 27th December to 7th January.


Stigmatization Surrounding Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners, are latest craze across the whole of the world from school children, all the way up to adults.

Originally made as a coping tool, they have become the new ‘in’ thing to have.

If you haven’t heard of a fidget spinner, it is a peace of metal, or plastic, that spins around a central weight disc.

The gadget was originally made for people who have ADHD, autism or anxiety.

Fidget spinners are said to provide a good sensory experience, which is likely to soothe someone coping with the above in a time that they may need it.

Controversy has surrounded fidget spinners from the moment that they became extremely popular, this including debates on whether they should be allowed in schools.

Walking into a setting where there are mostly children, you will look around and find that a good majority will have a fidget spinner in hand; some sat together trying to teach other tips and tricks, and others using them as an actual coping mechanism.

Samantha Harrison-Akers, mother of Blake, 13 who is on the autism spectrum said, “Blake has been using fidget spinners, or any type of gadget that helps with his autism since before this big craze. They help him concentrate in his lessons, by stopping him from fidgeting, leaning back in his chair, swinging his arms about.”

This shows that even thought the spinners have been banned in some schools; they have an actual function for some people, instead of just being something to play with.

When asked about what she thinks about fidget spinners being banned in schools, Samantha said “Banning fidget spinners for all children penalizes the children that they were originally made for, and they may struggle without them.”

Understandably, having students that have these gadgets in class will likely become a distraction for multiple students.

Children using fidget cubes, due to them being more discreet, could solve this.

For students with ADHD and autism, the fidget spinner craze can have a positive and negative outcome.

More children using these gadgets will make those who use them already for coping mechanisms feel as though they have something in common, and that people want to fidget with the gadgets like they do.

Commenting on the craze, Samantha found positives and negatives “In one way it is a good thing because it raises awareness to more people about what they were originally designed for…”

Samantha then went on to talk about the negatives “…I have seen cheap imitations now that it has become a craze. This may come as a problem to those with children who tend to chew things due to loose parts etc.”

Banning these across all schools may take something away from students in need, but banning them for everyone except those with a disability is a way to make them feel separated from the other students.

Overall it seems fidget spinners have a positive affect on students’ ability to concentrate and focus and quite importantly gives children with disabilities a common ground with other children.

Aside from this, it is also to understanding that if used for a different purpose, they can be a distraction.


13 Reasons Why Podcast

13 Reasons Why is a Tv adaptation based on a girl named Hannah Baker. Hannah baker recorded 13 tapes containing the 13 reasons why she took her own life. These tapes were passed around a set group of people, so that they knew individually how they contributed to her decision.

There has been a lot of controversy within the media and we will be talking about this in the podcast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 22.51.25

Mental Health organisation Sheffield Flourish.

It is quoted in statistics that 1 in 4 people suffer with mental illness, 1 in 5 for younger people.

Teenagers often go through mental health challenges, and they either may not recognise this, or they will not know how to go about getting help and helping themselves.

Sheffield Flourish are a mental health charity and community network based in sheffield, set up in 2012 they aim to support those who are living with mental health conditions.

The charity aims to use people’s skills, ideas and talent to build the lives they wish to lead.

In an interview with Jo Eckersley, 28 who works with Sheffield Flourish I asked why it was so important for people to be in touch with their mental health in order to look after themselves

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Illegal Downloading of films? It exists with books too.

We all know that downloading films off of websites is illegal, but did you know that the same applies to books?

Reading is a popular hobby amongst many people but as some people may know due to money struggles, not everybody can buy a physical book.

Due to little money, or the fact that you can get something for free, people resort to downloading Epub books online, which appear to be free which technically they are, but this is in fact illegal.

By downloading an Epub copy of a book, you are breaching an infringement of copyright.

Unless the author themselves uploads the book online for you to download for free, you cannot do it without it being illegal.

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YouTube restrict and the problem people have with it.

In an attempt to censor sensitive content to under 18s, YouTube have placed new “family friendly” restrictions on videos containing mature topics.

This meant that it would be easier for people whether it be parents or teachers to filter content that they feel may not be suitable to younger viewers.

However, it wasn’t long before people started realising that this meant that basically all LGBTQ+ content had become restricted.

In an outrage over social media, people soon started to voice their opinions, meaning that YouTube received a lot of backlash over this new feature.

In a bid to redeem themselves, YouTube released a statement saying “we are proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform”

They then went on to explain what the restricted mode does “The intention of restricted mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience”

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